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Ambit Energy Winter Savings Guide

Posted by: Javier Vilchis | 01/12/2023 at 11:09 AM

Winter Energy Guide

Tips for Saving Energy and Money

Chilly weather means bundling up and turning up the heat to stay warm, which can increase energy use. Keep your home comfortable and reduce your usage with these winter tips.

Around your space: Small changes to your habits can help make your home more energy efficient.

Lower your thermostat

Lower your thermostat.

Thermostat settings have the biggest impact on your overall energy use. Every degree you can lower it can help you save.

ceiling fans

Run your ceiling fans clockwise.

Fans can help push warm air down and circulate the room. This can also help you stay comfortable without having to raise the thermostat.

Seal your doors and windows

Seal your doors and windows.

Keep more warm air inside your home by checking for air leaks around windows and doors. You can use caulk or weatherstrips to seal any openings.

Let In Light

Let the sunlight heat your home.

Open window blinds or curtains during sunny days to warm your home naturally. Close them at night to keep the cold out.

Change or clean your filters

Change or clean your filters.

Keeping your home’s air filters free from dirt and debris helps airflow and heat circulate efficiently so you can stay warm all winter long. Check them every three months, or more if you have pets.

Clear the space around

Clear the space around furnaces.

If your home has a furnace, be sure to clear the space around it so air can flow freely and heat more efficiently.

Budget Resources: Here are helpful resources for tracking your electricity use and asking about bill-payment assistance.

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